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Wigan in early March 2012

Man of Aran Fudge in Wigan, March 2012Tomás has travelled to England many times with Man of Aran Fudge – most recently he was in Wigan in early March 2012 and  Paul Simpson kindly sent on some photos of the stand. Tomás also visited Bolton later that month as he did at much the same time in 2011. One of the most fun events has to have been attending the ‘Royal Show’at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire – it was in 2004 or 2005 I think and we were in a marquee with Bord Failte encouraging people to visit Ireland.  There were lots of helpers that time so there was opportunity to enjoy the show itself: I vividly remember the livestock parade as the best of all the classes exhibited themselves.

St Patrick’s Day – Covent Garden

Saint Patricks Day 2007 - Covent GardenDoing messages today and saw some shamrock on the counter, I remarked: bad weather on the way then. I can’t remember a dry or warm St.Patrick’s Day though I can remember some spectacularly cold, wet and windy ones. One such we brought the fudge to Covent Garden in London to help Bord Bia in their marketing campaign for Irish food. It was terrific fun; we met up with neighbours that we hadn’t seen for years, as you do. There were about forty stands from Ireland including producers from the North and I think we gave a real flavour of Ireland to the onlookers: there was fish, brown soda bread, chocolates, jams, many different cheeses and apple juice. No cider though and the Hot Irishman was not allowed participate either, I gave ‘ Hot Irishman’ caps in case you became confused. We do have a Hot Irishman flavour fudge and it does lead to a certain amount of giggling, particularly in Covent Garden where the people did not know of that brand of irish whiskey coffee liquer. When Tomás saw a particularly pretty girl he suggested she bring it back for her mother to enjoy. Strange, it is not funny written down, I suppose you had to be there to understand the sub-plot. A lot of people there had been brought up in Ireland and were proud to see such a wonderful display of Irish produce. It won’t be happening there this year though, nothing to do with the cut-backs, I think the management at Covent Garden didn’t like the sales going to the Irish stalls rather than the resident shops.