Fudge arrived today in excellent condition even though temperatures are very high here. It stayed in the mailbox all day until I got it out this evening. Great. Just super.

- Rosemary Canney

Hello! I wanted to let you all know how much I love your fudge and how much I appreciate your friendly manner and helpfulness at the markets, despite the cold! Over Christmas holiday I visited Inis Oirr and absolutely loved it so I am thrilled to see the man of aran fudge hails from the island. Best of luck to you all at man of aran, you make an amazing product and sell it with charisma. (I’d love to join your team, feel free to contact me if you ever need a helping hand!)
Thank you!

- Kait Strickland

Hiya, i’ve just put an order in, with the malteser tease, but if you have the honeycomb one, can i have that instaed? my ref is 2EE51209HH700042X, and it’s being posted to my amazing boyfriend Philip Rubin in liverpool. He’s nearly as amazing as your fudge!

- Claire Hannah

Arrived save and sound this morning. Fair to say it won’t be safe once I bring it home to my girls.
Thanks again!
Regards, Ken

- Ken

Bonjour Madame et merci beaucoup pour la réponse. Nous espérons ma femme et moi nous rendre dans votre beau et accueillant pays,
peut-être cette année…
Bien Cordialement
ps : votre français est très correct

- Jacques Wallner

I visited Inishere about 2 weeks ago and took a Lovely tour with a guy named Eanna Joyce. I really enjoyed the island and when I saw the stand today at the bank in Dublin selling chocolate. ‘man of aran fudge’ I couldn’t help but stop and buy some! It is wonderful and I have shared it with my friends and they love it as well!! Thank you.

- Ashleigh Clark

I used to look forward to your visits to the King’s Hall Christmas market in Belfast each year. I encountered a fudge stall at the Belfast Christmas market at the city hall and, after tasting poor quality fudge was reminded of the excellent man of aran fudge. Have you any plans to visit Belfast or the surrounding area in the near future? Failing that, approximately how much would delivery charges be to Belfast?

- Richard Doherty

Just to say a huge thank you for the yummy fudge and the craic – you are the epitomy of all that is Irish. Warm, funny and very talented. Thank you for warming up a very cold morning.

- Yvonka Wilkinson

Brilliant, thank you so much, we got the fudge when Tomas came to Wigan, it’s amazing!! My boyfriend’s not too pleased though, that i said your fudge is better than him, Ha Ha.
Thank you, and have a lovely day,

- Claire

Just received a delivery of man of aran fudge – lovely! I was very impressed by the speedy service and delivery, and will be sure to order more! Thanks again!

- Tim Hipkiss, Sweden

That is such happy news! I was able to resist only because I was bringing the fudge back home to the USA to my husband. If it were for anyone else, I would have given in and eaten it all up!
Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly.

- Vivi

That is FABULOUS!!! Thank you SOOOO much! Wish we were there to try it ourselves! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Thank you again!

- Jen Burke