1. Is Man of Aran Fudge Coeliac Friendly?
We are often asked this and happily can say that most of our fudge is Coeliac Friendly: EXCEPT the maltezer fudge has maltesers and they contain gluten. The Heavenly Honeycomb fudge also sometimes has a trace of wheat flour in the honeycomb that we use. Also some people would be intolerant to whiskey. This is used in the sultanas and whiskey flavoured fudge and in the Hot Irishman/ Irish Coffee Fudge. Please also note that Chocolicious Fudge is not suitable for coeliacs because it contains marshmallows.

2. What is Fudge?
Fudge is made with cream, butter and sugar. It is cooked at a lower temperature than caramel so it sets enough to be cut but is not chewy like toffee. Tomás makes Man of Aran Fudge in a bain marie to ensure the temperature is even.

3. Why is Man of Aran Fudge so special?
Man of Aran Fudge is special because we use Kerrygold butter – this gives a special creamy taste to our fudge.

4. How do I know which flavour/s of fudge to choose?
The Fudge does taste exactly how it is described by its name. So if you are buying it as a gift for someone else it helps to know what they really like.

5. What is Tiger Butter Fudge?
Tiger Butter Fudge is the traditional original flavour – made with brown sugar.

6. What is Granny’s Nutty Fudge?
Grannys Nutty Fudge is the traditional vanilla fudge but made with white sugar, Tomás then adds chopped walnuts and maple syrup before allowing it to set.

7. How long does Man of Aran Fudge last?
We recommend eating the fudge within six weeks of purchase; as the fudge ages it dries out and the taste changes: it becomes less creamy tasting and slightly more crumbly.

8. Can you freeze Man of Aran Fudge?
We have never been pleased with it when it comes out of the deep freeze. If you have we would like to hear about it.

9. Do you have recipes for cooking with Man of Aran Fudge?
Yes indeed, the easiest one is to put the fudge into a bowl over steaming water. When the fudge has softened add butter/single cream or milk to make a pouring consistency and then pour over icecream. There are other recipes elsewhere on the site.