PriceWatch – by Conor Pope

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Value for Money: Chocolate Fudge by Conor Pope, Irish Times

[Note: We were temporarily selling fudge in Arnotts for a Christmas Food Festival and you cannot buy Man of Aran Fudge there now. Please look at Markets and Events to see where we sell our fudge.]

manofaran-fudgeHighs: “This is amazingly good and just the kind of fudge you’d expect to find lying about Willy Wonka’s factory, except it’s made by a man living In Co. Meath. While it is available in farmers’ markets throughout the country, PriceWatch happened upon it at a stall in the basement of Arnotts.”

“You can assemble your own box, picking from a vast array of wonderful looking, smelling and tasting pieces of fudge. The four big hunks of chocolatey goodness are great, and the peppermint fudge, marbled with chocolate is outstanding.”

The best fudge I’ve ever had,” said one person PriceWatch reluctantly shared it with. It’s cheap too.

Lows: “It might be hard to find, but is a good place to start.”

Verdict: Excellent

Man of Aran meet Enda Kenny at Farmleigh

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Man of Aran meet Enda Kenny at Farmleigh