02/06/2016 – 27/05/2017 voucher Blooms at George’s Street Arcade

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So the good news is that Man of Aran Fudge is giving out vouchers with every purchase of fudge at Bloom Garden Festival; we are in the artisan food section in same location as last few years( June 2nd – June 6th).  This voucher entitles you to a free half bar of fudge when you next purchase a box of fudge at  Man of Aran Fudge outlet in George’s Arcade.  Use the voucher anytime you like ( but only at George’s Street Arcade D2) it will stay fresh unlike the fudge itself which ideally should be consumed within 4 weeks of purchase – if you can wait that long!  Look out for new flavours: ‘Rhubarb & Custard’ and ‘Fudge with No Name’: Fairtrade White Chocolate added to traditional Tiger Butter Fudge – see you at Bloom….

11/04/2014 St Peter’s Community College Dunboyne –

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St Peter's Community College , Dunboyne

linking food producers to school children

fudging issues

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so sez I please can you send me on the bank statement that has not arrived.
“yes, of course – it will cost you 3 euro”.
But I expostulate why should I pay for something that was never delivered.
“our records show it was posted”
Excuse me? I send fudge to people when they order it and very occasionally there is a delay or non-delivery; do you think we tell our customers that we will send their fudge again if they pay again?
If Man of Aran Fudge treated their customers the way the bank we deal with treats us we wouldn’t expect or deserve any customers!
I suppose ‘the bank’ banks on the fact that it is not time efficient to follow-up on their bad service and because customers have to have a bank account they expect us to put up and shut up. The best logic-defying moment last year was when I queried the excessive fee for lodging money to the account and discovered they were charging me for money they also claimed not to have received…

blog – logo hunting

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Don’t you just love the web – it tells you EVERYTHING – well at least it seems to answer all my questions pretty well.
Recently ( after 15 years in business) we decided that we should devote time to developing a logo. Over the years our brand has become distinctive at events because the words MAN OF ARAN FUDGE is emblazoned on the marquee we use: inside and out. This way we can not be confused with our competitors and those who have never come across us before are warned that FUDGE is available within walking distance!
However now that we have a product that is suitable for placement in retail – Caramel Honeycomb Fudge Spread – here is the description I wrote describing it for Showcase which mysteriously does not seem to have appeared anywhere…certainly not in the catalogue however that is another story for another day though as I spent so long honing down the number of words I cannot resist putting it in here:

“Retail outlets frequently request supplies of Man of Aran Fudge and are not happy when we have to say no BECAUSE the secret of the success of Man of Aran Fudge is the freshness of the product. For years we have looked at different solutions to put Man of Aran Fudge into retail and now have one:
‘Caramel Honeycomb Flavoured FUDGE Spread’
Taste it and see- this product is basically melted fudge . It keeps the flavour of the original Tiger Butter (Great Taste Award Winner) combined with honeycomb – our joint best- seller is the Heavenly Honeycomb flavour Man of Aran Fudge. Tomás brought this spread to the Guildhall Craft Fair in Derry Nov 2013 and this is a typical response by email

“I was at the craft fair in derry to get my usual fudge supply and I also bought the new fudge spread. It’s amazing!! Went back in today to buy some more and it was all sold! Is it available online anytime soon? Failing that are there any local stockists?” from M.C Derry by email ”

Any way to continue ..if we have a product in retail it seems we should have a logo so I went online to do a little research. And my understanding of what I read is that the logo must mean something to the user which is logical and explains why we have always used FUDGE to give warning to those in the vicinity. A label on a product is a complex thing though and we need to find something that means MAN OF ARAN FUDGE to you the purchaser.

In haste to try and have the product on our stand before Christmas I slapped on a thumbnail pic of Tomás on the packaging and that is okay if you know us but means nothing to a newcomer. Now we need to give a brief to a designer and one of the first ports of call was to look at the currach , right side up, upside down, being launched, being worked – even with a sail or perhaps have it loaded down with turves of peat that resembled boxes of fudge… the mind could go into overdrive.

Anyway we would be interested to hear feedback on any of this. How do we translate a melt in the mouth bar of fudge made by a man from Inishere into a few strokes of the pen?

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